If you look a few years back a rivalry has been established. Natural vs. Chemical. We tend to associate natural with something good and chemical with something bad. I have to tell you, everything is not black or white especially in regards of these two words. In our desire to use better products for our health we are inclined to reject all that "chemical". However, I have news for you, just in case you don't know, your body is chemistry, and a serial of chemical reactions are necessary for ... Continue Reading

Going minimalist

Last year, we decided to turn to minimalism. We already changed our mode of consumption but it was not enough. Honestly, I don't know how far this new challenge will take us. I just want to live with less, devote less time to material (less cleaning duty :P ), and live a richer life. During our move last July, I was able to judge the extent of the task, but I was way too pregnant to start a big decluttering. Now that I have regained some strength I really feel the need to reduce. It's a ... Continue Reading

What’s a cold process soap ?

I am often asked what's the difference between handmade soaps and the ones you find on shelves, what can justify their costs. The difference comes mainly from the manufacturing method, as well as the ingredients. Handmade soaps are usually cold process saponification, it's an ancestral way that aims to make soap using little to no heat. The principle is simple, one mixes fat with a strong base (lye), a chemical reaction then occurs : the triglycerides (fatty acids) present in the oils and ... Continue Reading

Five reason to buy handmade soaps ?

It's no surprise I am a huge fan of handmade soap I like to make it but I also like to use it too. I wanted to introduce some of the reasons that pushed me to turn to this type of product. 1 / This is real soap But what does that mean? It's simple a lot of products currently sold for soap are not soap. Many products are made from synthetic detergents that dry the skin by removing the lipid layer it is covered in. Besides, if you pay attention to labels and advertisements you will notice ... Continue Reading