21 day fix : 1st week

Sometimes we make plans, but it’s not always what we want that happens. I could tell you that I had a great week, that I lost a lot of weight, blah blah but the reality is something else. This is how my week really went. I planned my meals, planned my sports plan, but nothing went as planned.

Monday and Tuesday were good days. I respected my food plan and my sports program, I felt fit and ready to face my week.

Wednesday: this is where things have slipped, I did not have a very good day, I missed my sport class, in general it is in these moments that I usually start to eat too much because the truth it’s that I tend to eat my negative emotions. But I just read a book to try to relax.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday: I named this period the carbohydrates festival, I naively thought that I was back on track, but I must admit that I have not really made efforts for.

Conclusion: What I retain from my week always have plans C, and D for the days when plans B are not good enough. Continue to portion everything I eat even if I don’t follow my meal plan because it allows me to see the extent of damage, so this week I have not lost weight but I do not did not gain either. When you fall off your horse, you can either stay on the ground or go back to riding. The trap is to say to myself I would do better tomorrow, the moment we realize that we are drifting is the best time to correct our path.

Goal of the week: Let’s start over 🙂

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