When I was a child, my family passed on to me their love of plants and nature. Growing up I kind of lost my way, consuming products that I knew absolutely nothing about.

A few years ago, my curiosity took over and I began to wonder about the products I used on daily basis, I admit that what I discovered displeased me. Many had a negative impact on health or on the environment.

This discovery pushed me to find healthier alternatives, in particular by acquiring a certificate of creating natural products. It was my desire to share my discoveries with others that pushed me to write this blog. I also wanted to pay tribute to all those who have helped me and still help me in my journey towards a simpler life, fill with beauty and health.

Today, as a mother of three, I am even more aware of the importance of leaving the planet healthier than I found it.

Through my blog I share my culinary and cosmetic recipes, my little successes, my failures, as well as a part of my lifestyle. I hope to find among you fellow travelers because it is together that we grow up.

Let’s take care of ourselves and be curious !!

With care


PS: And for those who wish to change their habits but don’t have time to do everything themselves I also develop a boutique that will grow as the days go by.