Five reason to buy handmade soaps ?

It’s no surprise I am a huge fan of handmade soap I like to make it but I also like to use it too. I wanted to introduce some of the reasons that pushed me to turn to this type of product.

1 / This is real soap

But what does that mean? It’s simple a lot of products currently sold for soap are not soap. Many products are made from synthetic detergents that dry the skin by removing the lipid layer it is covered in. Besides, if you pay attention to labels and advertisements you will notice that they use names such as “beauty bar”, “cleansing cream”, “moisturizing bar”, etc. They do this because they cannot legally use the term soap. A handmade soap is made from real ingredients such as olive oil, shea butter, coconut oil…

2 / They contain natural glycerin

People often ask me if I have glycerin soap, and for good reason, glycerin is a humectant that allows the skin to retain water and therefore to be more flexible and hydrated. However glycerin is not an ingredient that is added among many others during manufacturing, it is naturally formed during the soaping process. Commercial soaps are often handled to extract glycerin for sale separately. This absence of glycerin is another reason why commercial soaps can be drying.

3 / You buy an expertise but not only

One of the comments I often hear and which is very hard for the soapmakers is the famous “It’s too expensive”. The first thing to know is that if a person goes into the business of handmade soaps is that “making money” is not his priority. Indeed, a handmade soap is much more expensive to produce than an industrial soap. Everything is handmade. The artisan is an integral part of the entire process from the choice of ingredients to applying the label. Soapmaking also requires knowledge in order to provide a product that is safe. Each recipe is the result of many hours of work, failures, frustration but also smiles, in short you buy a piece of life of the craftsman.


4 / You encourage the local economy

When you buy a handmade soap you encourage a small producer, you contribute to the well-being of a family in your community instead of enriching companies that admit it do not even know you exist.

5 / You reduce your ecological footprint

Commercial soaps are often produced in large factories that inevitably produce more waste than a small business. The ingredients that go into making soap also make the difference. If products that are in commercial soaps are considered “safe” they take longer to degrade and may affect the balance of the aquatic system. Many artisanal soapmakers are concerned about the ecological impact of their production on the planet. That why you can find:

  • minimalist packaging often made from recycled materials, or more easily recyclable packaging such as paper and cardboard.
  • locally purchased raw materials: a product bought in the farm next door or in the city next door is less “polluting” than if it has to cross the entire planet.
  • fair trade, renewable and / or organic ingredients.


I will not explain all my reasons in this article because my goal is not to make propaganda but simply to expose you some facts. If you have questions or comments do not hesitate to let me know either by commenting under this article, by sending an email (email), or by joining me on social networks.

See you soon!!!

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