If you look a few years back a rivalry has been established.

Natural vs. Chemical.

We tend to associate natural with something good and chemical with something bad. I have to tell you, everything is not black or white especially in regards of these two words. In our desire to use better products for our health we are inclined to reject all that “chemical”.

However, I have news for you, just in case you don’t know, your body is chemistry, and a serial of chemical reactions are necessary for our survival.

Wait! Did I just confused you?

Ok let’s go to the dictionary:

Natural : Who belongs to nature, which is the fact, which is proper to the physical world. Which is directly derived from nature, from the physical world, which is not the fact of the work of man, as opposed to artificial, synthetic. Which is made only from raw products, without mixing with anything artificial, synthetic.

Chemical : Related to chemistry, its products.

To shed some light on the dangers of these words, here a small example. There is a form of cyanide that is a “natural” product. I wouldn’t drink a glass of it and I’m convinced that you neither. A soap even handmade is the product of a chemical reaction, or imagine a beautiful quiche lorraine, it’s also the result of a chemical reaction.

In cosmetology there is no standards to define clearly, precisely and universally a natural product. That why a product considered natural by one manufacturer is not for another one. We can therefore say that there are as many definitions of natural as there are individuals. We are blinded with : without sulphates, without parabens, without whatever. But the real question is : What does the proposed product contain exactly ? The brands have understood the word “natural” sells, so we must not forget to be an informed consumer so it’s necessary to learn how to read labels cause it’s the first line consumer protection.

Rather than rely on little words and let others decide for us, don’t hesitate to seek information to make an informed choice and thus find the product that meets our expectations and our needs.

I leave you to it, see you soon !

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