Why do I make cosmetics or I buy handmade cosmetics?

Behind my stove, the house is impregnated with the smell of chocolate, sorry my love there will be no chocolate cake it’s just my lip balm: D . Let’s go back to the beginning.

It all started a few years ago with this simple question: Do I really know what’s in my cosmetics?

The answer : NO.

I am talking about products I used every day (or almost) that are in contact with my skin. I had no idea what they contained or even the impact it could have on my health. Yes I could almost naively believe that if they’re on the market then they’re good enough, but how many products that were used daily are removed from the market because they create hormonal imbalances or worse are carcinogenic?

It was time for me to clean up. I started by buying a simple dictionary: A consumer’s dictionary of cosmetic ingredients * the 7th edition If you (wish to acquire this book click here). Apparently many people before me had question about their cosmetics ingredients.

I opened it to Sodium Laureth Sulfate : authorized since the 80s, it is found almost everywhere, from face soap to shower gel and even in baby gel. In addition to being irritating to the skin and eyes, its use is questioned but since they don’t have enough proof that it’s harmful to health, they just continue to make a mass distribution. I continued several hours in a row opening my closets, analyzing their contents.

Do I want to be a guinea pig? Said like that it’s a little alarmist no? But that’s how I felt, I was a guinea pig that, unlike clinical trials, paid for tests on me. I returned to the stores armed with my dictionary and found the task very arduous so I wondered if Grandma’s method wasn’t the right method. Our great grandmothers had nothing to envy, they all had their little beauty secrets.

It may seem like a throwback, but I’m all for evolution unless we go straight into the wall. It’s necessary to know how to stop, to do a little retreat just so we can find a better way.

I can’t tell you what to do, but I simply invite you to make an informed decision. For me beauty goes through the kitchen!


Photo credit : Ajale Andrea

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