21 Day fix

It was radio silence these days because I’m working on 3 things that require a lot of energy : My children (I tried to spend more time with them), decluttering: yes I continue to sort out what is at home, and finally my nutrition.

With 3 pregnancies in less than 6 years I can tell you that my body took a serious blow and I don’t speak only about my weight. My energy level dropped really low. And I couldn’t see how I can keep taking care of my children if I didn’t take care of myself.

I am one of those who don’t gain much during pregnancy but who get bigger during breastfeeding and I couldn’t lose anything as long as I’m breastfeeding.

At first, when I talked about it, I felt like I was an alien, then I realized that a lot of women are like me. We are often told that it’s because we eat too much but it’s not  that simple however we may eat too much of a certain type of food.

I heard about this 21 days fix program, which seemed to be the new fashionable program that not only help to move more but also offered a good nutrition program. Well a good one to get back on track. If you have no training program and you are in Quebec I recommend Supercardio, Cindy and Patrick are real passionate, they offer french’s translation of every documents, plus they give many tips and excellent recipes.

Since I already had my sports program, I only wanted to buy the nutrition program, but I was a bit disappointed when I saw the price, over $ 40 plus the shipping costs for plastic containers and sheets. It wasn’t really in my budget and I couldn’t brig myself to pay that much. I realized that on the internet there was a lot of information so I just had to find containers.

I found my happiness on Amazon, and I ordered the following containers (to order them click on the image) :

I tried them for about 21 days  give or take, I didn’t follow it by the book but still I lost 9lbs while breastfeeding. What I really liked is to see my energy level getting better. So I decided to seriously follow this program to make a real opinion. I invite you to follow me in this journey that begins Monday, April 15th. Every week, I will share my impressions, my discoveries and my new recipes. You can also follow me on social networks to have a more detailed follow-up. See you soon!


Please note that I didn’t receive any money in order to write that review, and I bought the containers with my own money.
 Photo credit : Silvia, et Rita

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