Going minimalist

Last year, we decided to turn to minimalism. We already changed our mode of consumption but it was not enough. Honestly, I don’t know how far this new challenge will take us. I just want to live with less, devote less time to material (less cleaning duty 😛 ), and live a richer life.

During our move last July, I was able to judge the extent of the task, but I was way too pregnant to start a big decluttering.

Now that I have regained some strength I really feel the need to reduce. It’s a long-term project in which I want to include children.

If you follow us on Facebook, you noticed that I started to describe the challenges we face, as well as the tips we use to make the transition smooth. Our children don’t have a ton of toys, but they have much more than we had thought before they were born.

At first it was easy to pursue our goal with one child, then the second came, plus the third. I just let myself be overtaken by the events.

This year, with the help of God, we regain control. I hope you’ll follow our journey


Photo credit: DH Creative

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